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Sant Jordi. A day full of books and fantasy

Sant Jordi ‘s day is a beautiful tradition that inspires us and attracts us to a world of romance and literature.

lecture for kids
Instilling this spirit in our little ones is something that may seem complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The taste for reading begins from the first years of their lives, and it should be a pleasurable experience.
Our children experience, every day, new feelings that parents must help them understand.

Our recommendations for Sant Jordi’s Day


One of the books that deal with love and its dimension is “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney. Ed. Kókinos
“El Monstruo de colores” by Anna Llenas they also love it. Moreover, there is a Pop-Up version with 3D illustrations, which makes it more interactive.
There is no doubt that if there is something that amuses our kids is music. Dancing is almost instinctive. A very interesting book is “Las Jirafas No pueden bailar” by Giles Andreae, Bruño. It is about what society tells us we can’t do, even if we want to, but… we can achieve it if we overcome those obstacles.
Another classic for children from 4 years old is “Matilda” by Roald Dahl, Ed. Loqueleo and shows us the importance of being active parents so that our children can develop their full potential.
And, of course, an essential, classic, and extraordinary book “The Little Prince”. Full of simple but vital reflections, it introduces children to values that will help them in their personal development.

Most importantly, remind that reading, playing, enjoying the outdoors stimulate the child’s imagination and cognitive capacity. That is why we believe that these readings will be stimulating for your little ones.

As for games, you can discover our offer of stuffed animals and customizable dolls. For outdoor games, our caps and hats protect them as well as being a fun and creative accessory.

All in all, we like reading, we like Sant Jordi, and we like children to live authentic experiences, giving them a break from the increasingly virtual world to which we are so connected.


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