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Dou Dou

Dou Dou for Babies

At Funny Kiddy we have these dou dou for babies. Those have a soft touch made with quality materials that pamper your little one’s skin. Dou dou with stuffed animals such as the bear, bunny, puppy, elephant, monkey, sheep.

Dou Dou Customization

Some of the dou dou are customizable with a name or drawing. You just have to click on the customize button inside the product and you will be able to create your own dou dou with your child’s name and a funny drawing that you choose.

Well, as in Funny Kiddy we have been embroidering garments of all kinds since 1996, your personalized gifts for children and babies are sure to look great!

What is a Dou Dou?

A dou dou is a blanket with a plush attached. It is an ideal complement to keep your baby warm while he is entertaining playing with the stuffed animal.

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