If you want to go with the purchase of caps for your child or baby, in this section you can find adult size caps. They are high gamma caps and beanies with good durable fabric.

As our name says FunnyKiddy, this is a store dedicated to children. But we understand that children, babies and families are concepts that can hardly be separated.

That is why we offer a small selection of adult caps with the purpose of being able to combine with your little ones by embroidering a cap or hat for you, for all members of the family, for siblings …

The options are very varied, in our customization tool that you will find within each product you can find different colors of thread, embroidery areas and fonts.

In this way, you will surely achieve a unique and personal style that defines you perfectly.

In our catalog of caps and hats of adult size at the moment we have personalized caps and personalized caps.

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