Customizable Bath Towels with Economic Price

At Funny Kiddy we sell customizable bath towels. The towels we have available are excellent. They are also made with 100% cotton fabric with Oeko Tex certificate.

We have a range of 14 colors. The texture of the towel is soft and respectful to the skin of the little ones. You will see its tenderness to the touch!

Also note that in our catalog you will find bath towels in 4 different sizes, thus adjusting to all needs. Take a look and surely if you are looking for quality towels you will take one or a pack!

Customization Option for Towels

Our specialty is machine embroidery with assured quality. Well, we have been embroidering all kinds of garments since 1996. We make the name, drawing, logo that you want (on request if template is required). Choose a yarn color that you like in combination with the color of the towel. You can choose the font from the available ones that you want. In addition, the optional drawings that we have you can configure the color of the thread!

About our customizable bath towels

The towels that we have for sale can be 4 different sizes from the smallest to the largest beach adult. The truth is that they are in great demand in store since in beach stores and with the price we offer they fly. If you are looking for high quality towels at Funny Kiddy we have the best for you and your little ones!

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