Protective masks with original designs

At Funny Kiddy we sell protective masks with original designs for children. These masks are from Bimbi Dreams and Nisko Smiling with original designs. Take a look and you will surely find a model that you like. There are child, junior and adult sizes. If you are looking for protective masks for children Funny Kiddy is your store!

Funny Kiddy masks for children

The mask has become an essential element for going back to school. At Funny Kiddy we have managed to sell brands like Nisko Smiling and Bimbi Dreams. They are brands that make masks with super original designs and ideal for children and babies. If you want your children to be safe in class or wherever they go, this accessory is the right one to protect them.

The Bimbi Dreams Brand

The Bimbi Dreams brand has been creating accessories for babies for more than 40 years. Bimbi Dreams was born in a privileged place to produce the highest quality: the Comarca de L’Alcoià. This area in the interior of Alicante is characterized by its long industrial tradition. It was a pioneer in textile manufacturing in Spain. The origins of this industry date back to 1278 in the Alcoy and Cocentaina area. Since then, the region has become one of the three main industrial and economic engines of Spain for more than 500 years.

The Nisko & Smiling Brand

The Importexma Group is a Spanish company with a long history in the textile cofection sector, with a widely diversified activity and where several production lines can be found. One of the most recognizable is the creation of the casual and urban fashion collections of our Nisko & Smiling brands.

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