Customizable school snack bag is a basic accessory for back to school for any kid.

The bag to carry snacks or spare clothes cannot be missing in your school backpack, that is why we wanted to make a selection of bags in two different sizes and in 9 colors to choose from.

The small size corresponds to 24 x 29.50 cm and the medium size to 35 x 42 cm and are made of 75% polyester and 30% cotton. This combination is perfect because it withstands the amount of times they have to be washed, enduring wear and tear.

Also, like many of our products, the bags are customizable with embroidery. The most common is to embroider only the name but with our customization tool you can also include a drawing.

Embroidery is usually associated with quality and is that they give a very beautiful finish. Apart from the different drawings we also have a wide range of yarn colors and different types of letters.

We recommend that you design the hat with your little one, it is sure that it works great with technology and it will probably enjoy a lot coming up with its own personalized snack bag. This way you can also make sure that his bag represents his style 100%.

We are open to all ideas, so if you get creative and prefer to embroider your own drawing, you can send it to us at and we will surely have a great personalized snack bag.

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