Accessories for kids and babies
Funny Kiddy offers you all kinds of accessories for your little ones; with economic prices, from good quality brands and with the customization option. We offer you a wide variety of items to choose from: school bags, stuffed animals, dou dou, towels ponchos, etc.

Customization Option
We are specialists in machine embroidery: names, drawings, logos for any of the items that you will see on the web.

No matter if you are looking for a special gift or for an accessorie, for your little one, made authentic through embroidery, surely we got what you are looking for.

We also offer discounts based on quantities. Get in touch with us for any questions. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Steps for Personalization
1. Choose the product to customize

2. Write your name or text and/or choose a picture from those available.

3. Choose a color and a font for the text.

4. Place your text or design in any part of the product

5. Make your payment and your design will be sent automatically.

If you don’t get the design you desire from the options we have made available here, call us or send an email to and we will help you configure your product with your personal design!

If you go to the gallery you can see some examples of  customized products for both children and adults.

Go and create the next gift you`ll offer to your little one.

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