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Mother’s Day. Moms deserve it all!

mother's day gifts

Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates, depending on the country we are in? Even in Spain, it was celebrated from December 8 until the 1960s.

But the real promoter of this day was Julia Ward, a famous American activist, who managed to get President Woodrow Wilson to proclaim Mother’s Day.

Nowadays, and fortunately in the Western world, being a mother is an option. So when a woman decides to become the guide and protector of a new being, all her energies are focused on making her child the happiest child in the world.

But that is not easy. That is why all civilizations have paid tribute to the Mother, through their “goddesses” until today.

In our country, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on Sunday. Because there is no better gift for moms than spending a whole day with their children, they deserve it all!

Gifts full of tenderness

On this day, you can do many activities together, besides giving mom great gifts, such as the fantastic caps and personalized towels, from Funny Kiddy. You can also combine them with the great gifts for Mom from Top Hats.

On May 2, in the middle of spring, moms and their children can enjoy the outdoors, share meals and snacks, visit monuments, attend children’s shows and establish the unforgettable emotional bond between you.

For the little ones, a picnic in the park can be a great idea! Tell stories, stimulate their senses with the scenery and relax.

And with the older ones, you can make an educational visit to the Zoo, where they will discover the animal world, in an intense and surprising experience.

Don’t forget their beanie and personalized snack bag. A fun onesie will make the games even more fun. The backpacks are ideal for the child to comfortably carry everything they need for that special day.

At Funny Kiddy, we want to help you equip your child with everything that can protect him and give him more comfort and well-being. But moms also need tenderness. And this is the day when we all want and should pamper our mothers.

All in all, being a mom is the most amazing adventure of your life. It is an unconditional dedication that makes you brave in every aspect. As popular wisdom tells us: “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world“.


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