Funny Kiddy – Personalizez Gifts for Kids and Babies

Custom Gifts for Kids Funny Kiddy

At Funny Kiddy we have personalized gifts for children. Caps, stuffed animals, dou dou. You can choose and embroider name, logo drawing. Customize your gift now!

You can both embroider caps, hats and a towel or plushies. You can even customize snack bags, towels, and dou dou.

Funny Kiddy and Custom Embroidery

At Funny Kiddy we have been embroidering all kinds of clothing and accessories since 1996. At that time we were one of the only ones who customized textile products to the taste of a retailer.

How does the Customizer work?

Since we created our first website, we decided to use the embroidery customization tools for caps and t-shirts. Plugins and modules ready for you to create your work with embroidery and custom fonts.

But you can also create your own drawings, choose your own font. In this case we make a template under budget. You can combine logos, letters, drawings in the same product model.

gorra abeja top hats

Custom Caps for Kids

Personalized Dou Dou

Custom Caps for Babies

Embroidered Plushies

Custom School Backpacks

Personalized T-Shirts

Custom Snack Bags

Embroidered Towels

Personalized Caps for Adult