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Christmas, Generosity and Children

During the Christmas holiday season most parents are busy looking for the right gifts for their little ones: to be fun, original, useful, customized, etc.

We should remember that this is maybe the best time of the year when we can give them one of the most important gift of their childhood: teach them what generosity is.

Surrounded by dozens of gifts from their parents, grandparents, older siblings, uncles, our little ones may misunderstand the meaning of the Christmas holidays. And if you also notice that they are not likely to share their toys or sweets with other kids you should take into consideration developing his generosity.

Depending on their ages, there are different ways to make them aware of their attitude.

Next, we`re going to give you 4 tips that won`t cost you anything, that can be applied individually or as a pack and that you can start putting them into practice right away.

  1. Explain

First step in teaching them what generosity is talking and explaining the importance of giving. You can always reinforce your message with short infantile lectures or movies about generosity.

  1. Engage him in activities

Talking without acts won`t mean a thing to your kid. So, the best way to put into practice everything you`re explaining him about generosity is to involve him in different activities. You may ask him to help you baking cookies for homeless people, doing charity with underprivileged children or to help you giving groceries and winter supplies to elder people.  Being part of this activities will make him see the reactions of people receiving gifts and he will have a better understanding of what generosity truly is.

  1. He should be the one giving

Helping you doing charity will definitely help him understand much more than seeing a movie.

But when he`ll be 100% involved will be in the moment you ask him to donate some of his toys or clothes to other kids. It`s the moment when he should have already understood the importance of generosity and then he shouldn’t have it difficult to share the most important things to him: his toys.

  1. Be a model for him

The most important thing during each step is you. As a result you are his first example. Remember that no matter how beautiful is the lesson you want to teach your little one if he doesn`t see you putting into practice all the advices you`re giving, he will never learn it.

In conclusion, be generous yourself, be kind, help others and your little one will follow your steps. You won`t even need to put into practice all the tips from above.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you have other ways to teach your little ones being generous don`t hesitate to share them with us.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy our catalog of products so that together, with your little one, choose personalized gifts for other family members, friends and colleagues.




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