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Children’s Stories: The Hare and The Tortoise

Once upon a time in a field lived a hare and a tortoise. The hare was very fast and would jump and run all day, but the tortoise always walked as if it were tired. The tortoise had to bear the weight of its large shell.

The hare laughed at the tortoise because it dragged its fat paws. Well, a small impulse was enough for her to jump with agility. When they crossed paths, the hare made fun of her and made derisive comments. They didn’t look good to the tortoise.

HARE – I hope you’re not in a hurry, turtle friend! LOL! At that rate you will not get anywhere in time. What will you do the day you have an emergency? Speed ​​up, speed up!

One day the tortoise was so fed up that she faced the hare.

TURTLE – You will be fast as the wind, but I assure you that I am capable of winning a race.

HARE – Ha ha ha! Oh, I’m laughing! But even a slug is faster than you! – The hare answered, mocking and laughing loudly.

TURTLE – If you are so sure – the turtle insisted – Why don’t we try?

HARE – Anytime! – replied the hare with arrogance.

TURTLE – Very good! We will see each other tomorrow at this time next to the field of sunflowers, do you think?

HARE – Perfect! – The hare agreed, winking at him with an insolent face.

The hopping hare and the turtle, with the same calm as always, each went to her side.

The next day arrived and they both met in the place they had said. Many animals were in public. The news of such a curious athletic event had reached the last corner of the forest. There was a family of worms, which during the night, made the furrows in the earth to mark the competition track. The fox was chosen to mark the start and finish lines with some sticks. To finish, a nervous raven prepared himself conscientiously to act as referee. When everything was ready, the crow referee shouted “Ready, set … GO!”. The hare and the tortoise started the race. The tortoise left at a slow pace, as was usual for her, but the hare, on the other hand, almost flew off. The hare seeing that she had a lot of advantage over him, stopped to tease her a little.

HARE – Come on, turtle, faster, I’m bored! As you run no more this has no emotion for me! – She yelled yawning

The tortoise caught up with the hare, and the hare took a few jumps again to get a few meters ahead. He waited for her again and it took the turtle several minutes to get to where he was, because he was walking very slowly.

HARE – I already told you, turtle! It is impossible that a being as calm as you can beat an animal as agile and sporty as me.

Throughout the race, he stopped several times to wait for the turtle. For this she was convinced that it would be enough for her to run a little at the last moment to win. But something unexpected happened … There were a few meters from the goal, the hare fell asleep because of how bored she was waiting for the turtle. So the turtle overtook her and taking short but safe steps, she placed first. When the tortoise was about to cross the finish line, the hare woke up and ran as fast as she could, but there was nothing more to do. She was surprised how the turtle rose with victory and was applauded by all the animals in the forest.

The hare, for the first time in her life, felt ashamed and she never laughed at the tortoise again.


In life you have to be humble and have patience, dedication, perseverance to achieve your goals. Even if you go slowly, it is better to go at a firm and safe step. Also, you should never look down on someone for being weaker, because maybe one day he will make you see your own weaknesses.

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