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Childhood Geniuses: Historical Characters who Demonstrated It from Children

In today’s post we show you ten geniuses who showed their value at childhood ages. There are many more, but we have compiled some of the most relevant ones that, when they were very young, were cracks or rather, brainies with an IQ that is more than supernatural. If you like to know the capacities that your baby or child can have read this post and who knows if your child is one of them!

William James Sidis

IQ: between 250 and 300

William James Sidis 1898 – 1944

At 8 years old he spoke eight languages. As an adult he mastered 40 languages. He studied mathematics from the age of 11 at Harvard University, being the youngest to form part of the institution. At the same time he was one of the youngest to teach, which gave him problems with people who refused to listen to a minor.

Terence Tao

IQ: 230
Australian half-American, Terence Tao won the math Olympics at age 13. He was solving arithmetic problems when he was 2 years old. At 14 he entered college. At 16 he already completed his master’s degree. In his 20s, he completed his doctorate at Princeton University. He began teaching at the age of 24 at UCLA. Terence Tao has published more than 230 investigations.

Christopher Hirata

IQ: 225
Christopher Hirata was born in 1982 and today is a professor of astrophysics at Caltech University. That is where he studied from a very young age. He finished his university studies in physics and mathematics at 12 and a year later he won the top prize at the International Science Olympics. At the age of 14 he was already studying postgraduate degrees at Caltech and at 23 he received his doctorate at Princeton. The potential he demonstrated earned him a job at NASA, as part of a project to colonize Mars.

Kim Ung-Yong

IQ: 210
He began studying physics at the age of three. He also was fluent in Japanese, Korean, German and English. But for a child who expressed himself fluently at six months, it is not so strange. He was born in 1962, and at age 7 Kim Ung Yong was invited by NASA. There he studied in the United States and obtained a doctorate in physics. He returned to Korea in 1978.

Evangelos Katsioulis

IQ: 198

Greece 1976

Evangelos Katsioulis is a psychiatrist, but has a career in philosophy and technology. He is also a candidate for a doctor of psychopharmacology. His IQ places him in a select group of which only one in 30 billion humans is a part.

Garry Kasparov

IQ: 194

Garry Kasparov was born in 1964. He is the Grandmaster of Russian chess who was at the top of the ranking for 225 weeks out of the 228 in which he competed at the professional level. A record that so far no one else has beaten. IBM’s Deep Blue computer managed to beat him. Currently Garry is an active political commentator and has a conversation with his followers on the Twitter account @ Kasparov63.

Mislav Predavec

IQ: 192
Croatia 1967

Predavec teaches math and has been a genius ever since. At school he solved problems faster and better than the rest of the class. His mother never worried because he got excellent in everything. One of his hobbies is completing complicated intelligence tests. Still, his wife claims that he is not skilled at everything. Well, she is the one who puts a SIM card in her cell phone or fixes the washing machine;). But only one in 1 billion people has an IQ greater than 190.

Leonardo da Vinci

IQ: Between 180 and 190

Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps the person who has shown the most talent in various disciplines and in various fields. Da Vinci lived between 1452 and 1519 he was noted for being a great painter, sculptor, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. For many he is the archetype of genius of the Renaissance era due to his inexhaustible curiosity and especially his imagination.

Albert Einstein

IQ: Between 160 and 190

One of the most popular geniuses who proved himself from a young age was Albert Einstein. The physical theorist lived between 1879 and 1955. He became the most popular scientist of the 20th century and the standard of intelligence in the Western world because of his involvement in the works. His theory of relativity, which he expressed with the equation E = mc², led to lifetime recognition with distinctions such as “being the character of the century” according to Time magazine.

Stephen Hawking

IQ: 160

Stephen Hawking was born in 1942 in England. He was shortly after dropping out but persisted in his black hole analysis despite suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He published pioneering works and his book “A Brief History of Time” in 1988. He endorsed his worth as a scientist who could communicate with the masses.

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