Caps And Accessories for Kids

If you are looking for a store of caps and accessories for children and babies Funny Kiddy has everything!

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Welcome to FunnyKiddy

In our online store we have a series of caps and accessories for children and babies of various brands and also the possibility of customizing any of them. We invite you to take a look and we hope you find what you are looking for.


At Funny Kiddy we specialize in customizing both caps, hats, towels, bibs, stuffed animals, backpacks, snack bags and much more through embroidery.

If you want to try the customizer, know that you can personalize your cap to match your family’s. There are sizes for everyone!

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About Funny Kiddy

We are a Spanish company specialized in accessories for children and babies such as caps, towels, backpacks, bibs, snack bags, etc. We have been in the profesional embroidery industry since 1996; therefore we combined our passion for embroidery with the care for babies for more than 20 years providing them unique accessories and unforgettable gifts. 

We also made a selection of some of the most qualitative cap brands like New EraAtlantis CapsCapslab, ading our own line, Top Hats, to offer you a wide variety of youthful, playful and unique designs.

We sell accessories for children of all sizes and for babies of all ages. But our specialty are the caps, hats and beanies. We offer a large number of assorted hats.  All of them can be customized with names or different designs, by this way our items could convert into the perfect gift for the little ones of your family.

Embroidery since 1996

Our particularity as a company is  our specialty in customizing all kinds of textile products. At Funny Kiddy we personalize caps for children, towels, bibs, stuffed animals, etc. Try the customizing tool we provide  and if you have any questions, write us at and we will contact you.